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Valentra™ Frequently Asked Questions

Question How does Valentra™ work for Women?

Answer Valentra™ is applied to the woman's genital area specifically the underside of the clitoral hood. This allows the active ingredients to directly stimulate the tissue surfaces. Blood flow and dilation of the blood vessels increases around the clitoris, greatly enhancing sensitivity. Though response time varies with each individual woman, the pleasurable warming effects develop more rapidly with the sexual stimulation of touching and rubbing in the clitoral area, and with other activities of foreplay. Natural lubrication also takes place as a woman responds to the beautiful feeling of Valentra™.

Question Can I expect instant results from Valentra™?

Answer Though there usually are some immediately increased sensations, most women find that responses improve progressively through three or more successive uses of the Valentra™.

Question I used to have a strong sex drive and much more sensitivity, but over the years this has diminished. What's going on? And can Valentra™ help?

Answer You naturally undergo many hormonal, physical and even attitudinal changes during your lifetime that can affect sexual response. Valentra™ can restore your former sexual intensity or even go beyond what you've ever had.

Question Are there any side effects?

Answer No. Valentra™ is a completely safe, it is not a pill or powder that must be ingested, and it is a natural topical cream that works through direct application to the skin.

Question If I'm much more into sex, will my partner keep pace with me?

Answer Bet on it! Being desired by an interested, eager partner is a definite turn-on. And when you're feeling good, you know how incredible it feels to your partner.

Question Is Valentra™ expensive?

Answer No, it is actually less expensive than most products on the market. However, we do use only top-quality essential active ingredients that cost more (and are more effective!) than some cheaper substitutions. We've made it easy to [order online] in a small quantity - once you try Valentra™ for Women and discover the sexual benefits, you can order larger quantities at a much lower price. Please refer to our comparison chart of Valentra™ against leading competitors.

Question Will I be embarrassed when placing my order? When my Valentra™ order arrives, will it look like I'm receiving something pornographic?

Answer Absolutely not! Your privacy is very important to us. You can order securely online, or if you prefer, you can order by mail, fax or phone -- and in the latter case, the operator you speak with knows only that you are ordering "body lotion." We ship in completely discreet packaging, with nothing on the outside to identify the contents.

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